Craig L. Curtis

C.L. Curtis is a serial entrepreneur, Renaissance man, and game changer.

He learned early in life, from his father, to fight hard for what he wanted and to never give up. These lessons motivated him to become a competitive athlete at the age of twelve, and to become an entrepreneur. He stuck with his desire to become a successful entrepreneur, and founded Flamboyant Records in 1994. Flamboyant Records became Monopoly Records, the label of renowned singing group Ol’ Skool. His group collaborated with Keith Sweat and Xscape on the hit song, “Am I Dreaming.” In 1996, Mr. Curtis opened Curtis Technology, a computer-on-demand system in the model of Dell and Gateway computers. Mr. Curtis went on to become a real-estate mogul, making millions of dollars before the crash of 2007.

As a philanthropist, Mr. Curtis donated air conditioning units for the largest homeless shelter in St. Louis, MO, The Life Center, headed by Rev. Larry Rice. With the assistance of his mother, he prepared food for those in need.

Mr. Curtis’ greatest mission in life is to change the history of poverty in families by building a legacy of success and giving. He continues to build his success legacy, and the giving legacy is manifested in The 4C’s Foundation, C. Curtis Cares Centers, a foundation that is being established to help under-privileged children.

Mr. Curtis’ philosophy is “success is measured by how many lives you change.” His motto: “The Game of Life is Made to WIN.”

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